Thursday, December 5, 2013


I want to hear a story, love,
Before we go to sleep.
Tell me why someone like you
Would want my heart to keep.
I’m like a storm, a hurricane
A mess of wind and wave.
Sometimes I’m a volcano burning
With nothing left to save.
While you shine like the sun above
I cross you like a cloud.
Yet if I think of leaving this
I hear your heart beat loud.
It tells me that with you I’m home,
That you can see my soul.
You’ll tame the storm and cool the fire
You’ll mend up every hole.
The woman who tried to fix herself
Is almost willing here
To let you kiss the pain away,
To wipe up every tear.
I don’t know what’s become of me,
This princess in her chains.
I don’t feel like myself tonight,
Everything is strange.
So tell me, Charming, if you can
How you found the witch in need
And saved her from herself at last
Though she could make you bleed.
Tell me why you love me still
When I can be quite mad
Then perhaps I’ll have the strength to say

You’re the best I’ve ever had.

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Trading Souls for Peace

I waited for you by the sea
Until in the waves I drowned.
I stood in thunder, lightning, wind
Until I couldn’t hear a sound.
I laid in the desert until I burned
And still you never came.
Your promises I held tight to me
Yet each life it’s been the same.
In my darkest moments I went on alone
I found the sun myself.
And all the while you kept a picture
High atop a shelf.
Because that’s all I am, is it not?
A ghost to love from afar.
Someone that you tell others of
“She was once my star…”
It is easier to walk alone
When I know the hope is gone
Instead of believing lettered lies
Saying ‘Now it won’t be long.’
But I can’t deny the pain I feel
Knowing our sad past.
That you and I were made as one
And this ache will always last.
People often live with tragedy
After pieces fall apart.
But I’ve never known of a single person
Who has lived without their heart.
Your love has killed me through the years
I know you don’t recall.
But I’ve been cursed with sight, you see
And I’m haunted by it all.
So perhaps you could take the jar
The one where my heart beats.
Send it to me wrapped up safe
Before the past repeats.
And I’ll trade souls with one complete
A girl with hair of fire.
So she can search for you, her half
You’ll come, you’ll feel desire.
While I go on my way at last
Feeling like I’m whole.
How terrible that to find my peace
I have to trade my soul. 

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

The Ghost Town

I’ve been rocking back and forth all night
In a chair of rope and vine.
My ear strains to catch an echoed sound
Of a song played in my mind.
Voices murmur eerily
From my mirrored parlor door.
I have grown so used to them
I pay mind to them no more.
The only movement left in town
Is the softest summer breeze.
The magnolias swaying to that old tune,
They put my mind at ease.
The problem is the old won’t go
So the new can move on in.
They may have all passed long ago
But they built this town of sin.
They’ll be damned if death with stop them
And I guess I feel the same.
My body’s weak but my soul is not
I’ll beat the devil at his game.
He’d love to have us all, we know
But I’ll be as strong as they.
And when I die I’ll stay right here
Until my judgment day. 

My Lonely Soul to Take

The ghosts that travel these southern streets,
The old as well as new,
Have gathered to haunt this ancient house
What am I to do?
I can hear them walk along my halls
They took my mirrors down.
But one promised me just last night
That death doesn’t make a sound.
I don’t know why they come to me
But each one has its needs.
Some search in vain for lovers lost
Others rebel against misdeeds.
All I can do is let them in
And open up my heart.
But none will speak of what they’ve seen
Or why they can’t depart.
It makes me wonder if it’s a trick
To lure me to the grave.
Red brick dust and a bible worn
Are all I have to save.
So if the midnight comes and swallows me
I’ll know this was my fate.
I’ll join with those who took my home
In the perils we create. 

Leading Him Away

I wanted to know if you recall
One night so long ago
When you promised me the sweetest dream
And told me I could go.
I can’t say you disappointed me.
We lived it for a while.
Yes, you remember those few years
I can see it in your smile.
You played music, I sang and danced,
We spoke of love and peace.
Old age could never touch us there
We had our sweet release.
Didn’t we, my brilliant love?
Oh yes, by god, we did.
It was before we knew how cruel life is
Before the secrets that we hid.
So pure and so innocent,
Those unreal summer days.
I want to take you back tonight
Out of your dying haze.
To hell with what the dawn might bring
Just take my aging hand.
Our hearts have always known the way
Back to our magic land. 

The Enchanted Box

The enchanted box you gave to me
With our favorite tune inside
I took it out last night, my love
To see what it might hide.
Leave it to a sorcerer
Such as you were then
To create a thing of memories
So I could go again.
There they were, once thought lost,
The days we threw away.
Laughing on the beach at night,
Making love all day.
You must have known when you left it here
Someday it would make me weep.
You can’t know how it felt to see us young
This close to my last sleep.
But also so much like you were
You forgot one part.
I couldn’t join the things you’d saved
So I just left my heart.
With a key made up of jewels and rust
I unlocked that dusty door.
The beat was strong when I took it out
I don’t need it anymore.
Maybe someday this box will find
Someone who needs it too.
They’ll see us in youth and they’ll find my heart,
They’ll think of me and you.
Until then it will sit in darkness on a shelf,
That precious soul-filled thing,
And my ghost will guard it next to yours
Till once more that box can sing. 

A Hippie Lover's Prayer

Your ghost won’t let me go these days
And it has me thinking clear
Of things I once gave up to time,
Things that you held dear.
The youth we praised, the love we shared
I never would have guessed
The day would come when you would go
And I’d be like the rest.
Since the night you left my trembling arms
I gave up dreams for gold.
I was young enough to be naïve
So those precious years I sold.
They pulsed with you and all you were,
All you meant to me.
Because you weren’t the one left behind
You’ve no right to disagree.
The ideas overdosed your mind, I think
They helped to knock you dead.
I feared so much I’d end the same
So I gave it up instead.
Don’t shake your head like you have a right!
You never had to live!
Those years that made you weary, worn
I’ve had thirty more to give.
Perhaps in that dream where we once stayed
I have longed to go.
But reality wouldn’t give me up
To the world I used to know.
Now my hair is white, my skin is broke
My time is drawing near.
And all I ask of you, old love
Is that you swear I need not fear.
Promise heaven is a ‘Frisco day
And Janis will sing her song.
I want to know that when I pass
With you I’ll go along.