Thursday, December 5, 2013


I want to hear a story, love,
Before we go to sleep.
Tell me why someone like you
Would want my heart to keep.
I’m like a storm, a hurricane
A mess of wind and wave.
Sometimes I’m a volcano burning
With nothing left to save.
While you shine like the sun above
I cross you like a cloud.
Yet if I think of leaving this
I hear your heart beat loud.
It tells me that with you I’m home,
That you can see my soul.
You’ll tame the storm and cool the fire
You’ll mend up every hole.
The woman who tried to fix herself
Is almost willing here
To let you kiss the pain away,
To wipe up every tear.
I don’t know what’s become of me,
This princess in her chains.
I don’t feel like myself tonight,
Everything is strange.
So tell me, Charming, if you can
How you found the witch in need
And saved her from herself at last
Though she could make you bleed.
Tell me why you love me still
When I can be quite mad
Then perhaps I’ll have the strength to say

You’re the best I’ve ever had.